Happy New Year

To My Faithful Friends,

If you receive this post, you have been successfully subscribed to the new Musings website.

A few bugs linger.  The good folks at Qwk.net strive to teach me to do a “redirect” so that my main URL, themissourimugwump.com, brings one to this site.  They exercise extreme patience, and I know that all will ultimately be well.

In the mean time, consider this a test of the subscription.  You can log into your subscription and edit it as you see fit, including your password (thanks, Phil).  That is, I believe you can!   If you wish to unsubscribe, let me know.  I’m still learning, but I’ve got the “delete” function mastered.

My weekly post will appear here.  I intend to return to the personal essay which hallmarked the first seven years.  I have two other blogs now — My Year Without Complaining, and a new political blog which launches tomorrow called My Eyes Are Watching You.  By segregating these endeavors, I can allow you to pick which one you want to read.

You’ve been faithful followers — some of you since the beginning.  I remain your faithful Mugwump, and I hope you will continue to enjoy what I write.

Happy New Year to each of you.  Be well.  May 2017 bring all that your hearts desire, and more.  May you each be spared harm, and sickness, and calamity; and may those whom you love continue to hold you in their grace.

Mugwumpishly tendered,

Corinne Corley

31 December 2016


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