The Missouri Mugwump blushes when someone compliments her.  But they have honored her with their words.

“Mugwumpishly Tendered:  Essays from the seasons of one woman’s life”, by Corinne Corley, aka The Missouri Mugwump, and published by Write the Future — This book was awesome!  Short essays of author Corinne Corley’s life — her ups and downs, and much more.  Great book!  Great author!  I’m not a writer, but I really enjoyed reading this book.” — Candy M. Isleton, California

“Now I know why they call it Write the Future. Because, even though a lot of this book involves the past, don’t be surprised if reading this inspires you to want to tell your own story.   M. Corinne Corley, aka MISSOURI MUGWUMP, has written these stories over 15 some years. Well, really since childhood.  That’s why it’s called “Essays from ONE woman’s life.” The power to describe what you experience, and make it make sense to a complete stranger. More than make sense, make emotion. This is the power of writing, which you may find yourself to feel in full display as you dive into these stories. ” — Patrick C., Chicago, Illinois

These reviews from verified readers appeared on Amazon, much to the Missouri Mugwump’s surprise and certainly heartfelt delight:

Top reviews from the United States of “Mugwumpishly Tendered:  Essays from the seasons of one woman’s life”, published by Write The Future, an imprint of Spartan Press, and brought to you by The Missouri Mugwump:


Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 2022

Well written in a way anyone can understand.
Is the life of the author through here years.
Is fun, intriguing and addictive. I couldn’t stop reading until I was done reading.
I sure recommend to ppl to read.
Cindy Cieplik

Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2023

Corley’s collection of essays is rich with compassion and an amazing attention to detail of memories that matter. A condensed ‘story’ with a keen sense of her own roots, her personal struggles, and triumphs unfolds for the reader. A humble rendering of life experience with a sense of perspective that inspires reflection and gratitude.
I highly recommend this book, and hope there is more ‘story’ to be shared in the future.
Congratulations Corinne Corley!