Orders for shipping by USPS or for local pick-up in the California Delta now available!

Purchase on Amazon HERE.  Paperback edition now available; Kindle edition in the works.


Sales of the book for pick-up local to the California Delta or shipping by USPS ongoing.  Sales of prints of the companion photographs will be print-on-demand at a future date.

We had a successful book release event during which we raised about $1,000.00 for Rose Brooks Center in Kansas City.  Ms. Casey and I donated 10% of sales through the event to Rose Brooks.  Generous visitors at the event purchased raffle tickets for prints of Ms. Casey’s work as well as making direct donations, encouraged by the inspiring words of the Honorable Martina Peterson of the Kansas City Municipal Court.  Peterson, formerly a Jackson County Family Court commissioner, regularly speaks at the annual events that I and my friends organize for this worthwhile and important cause.  I will never abandon my efforts to raise funds for Rose Brooks Center as well as to raise awareness of their work and of the need to continue our support of survivors of family violence.  You are never alone.  There is always a way.  Reach out to Rose Brooks at 816-861-6100 or to the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233.

The choice of a Mugwump is an important decision and should not be based upon advertising alone.

Be well.

Mugwumpishly tendered,
Corinne Corley
The Missouri Mugwump™