Announcing the 2023 Fundraising Campaign!

Each month beginning in February of 2023, 20% of all sales of Mugwumpishly Tendered will be donated to a different not-for-profit.

March sales benefitted  Chicago Foundation for Women. I made a donation to the Chicago Foundation for Women of at least 20% of my March sales via their donation website.

April sales benefitted the Trevor Project.  As a proud ally of LGBTQIA folks, I was thankfully to have sales in April so that I could donate to help combat suicide among LGBTQIA teens.

May sales increased, largely due to my co-presentation of a three-session writers’ event at the Johnson County, Kansas Library.  I donated more than twenty-percent of sales revenues in May to the ALS Association in honor of my cousin Paul Orso. 

I gave a lot of thought to the June charity, which explains why I am three days behind schedule in the announcement.  Given the political climate in many states, and in honor of Pride Month, I have chosen the Matthew Shepard Foundation.  If you have already bought my book or just want to make a donation to support this important group, please visit their site to learn about their work and how you can help.  Please visit the site’s page to learn more about their mission to #EraseHate.

Thank you for your purchase; and thank you for any donation you are able to directly make.  As always, if you order from my shop, I personally inscribe the book to the purchaser and mail it on the Friday following your order.

Order in our shop HERE for an inscribed copy directly mailed from my home in California.  Purchase a print-on-demand copy (not inscribed) on Amazon HERE.  Paperback edition now available.

Sales of the book for pick-up local to the California Delta or shipping by USPS ongoing. 

Prints of the companion photographs are available by direct purchase from the photographer, Genevieve Casey, at her Zenfolio site.

We had a successful book release event during which we raised about $1,000.00 for Rose Brooks Center in Kansas City.  Ms. Casey and I donated 10% of sales through the event to Rose Brooks.  Generous visitors at the event purchased raffle tickets for prints of Ms. Casey’s work as well as making direct donations, encouraged by the inspiring words of the Honorable Martina Peterson of the Kansas City Municipal Court.  Peterson, formerly a Jackson County Family Court commissioner, regularly speaks at the annual events that I and my friends organize for this worthwhile and important cause.  I will never abandon my efforts to raise funds for Rose Brooks Center as well as to raise awareness of their work and of the need to continue our support of survivors of family violence.  You are never alone.  There is always a way.  Reach out to Rose Brooks at 816-861-6100 or to the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233.

The choice of a Mugwump is an important decision and should not be based upon advertising alone.

Be well.

Mugwumpishly tendered,
Corinne Corley
The Missouri Mugwump™

To purchase  prints of the photographs in the book, visit photographer Genevieve Casey’s Zenfolio site.