Links I Like

The internet provides many choices for your daily reading and viewing.  Here are some places where I like to spend time:

The first seven years of the Saturday Musings are HERE.

Chris Ladd’s Blog:  Chris Ladd used to blog as “GOPLifer”.  I found his blog when he resigned from the Republican party before the election.  He closed GOPLifer and re-appeared as a Political Orphan.  I read his stuff regularly and find it refreshing and enlightening.

Chris Ladd’s Resignation Letter:  Just in case you missed it.

John Pavlovitz:  Stuff That Needs to Be Said.  And is, and ably so.

My daily blog:  I started My Year Without Complaining on 01 January 2014 after my mother-in-law’s death in October 2013.  I’m still on a quest to learn to live without bitching, moaning, grousing — without complaining.  Follow my journey and perhaps you will start your own #JourneyToJoy.

All Sides News:  We all look for something to reinforce our bias.  I listen to NPR, read the New York Times, and browse Reuters.  I found this website when I searched for “all sides news”.  I’ve yet to decide if I like it, but I keep going back to it so there must be something there.

My New Political / Social Blog:  I’ve been threatening to take my political and social commentary off social media and do my own blog.   I’ve finally done it!  Enjoy — comment — shout and scream — but don’t forget to read and think.

The Poetry of Steven Senter:  He doesn’t post often but when he does, POW.

Decent News:  Let’s just admit that we have to go outside the US to get decent news.  No question.  So go there — Reuters.

Snap Judgment:  One of the most haunting podcasts on the internet.